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An observation on the Worldcoin human test

The Worldcoin human test is now being set up globally. As always, unintended consequences are possible.
An observation on the Worldcoin human test

What if we test everyone to see if they’re human or not. Those who fail are:
AI programs that may take over the world?
Aliens who have taken over the world?
Do we really want to know?

The human test - What if you fail?

The “Is it a human” test just got harder. Worldcoin has a mechanical eye scan that would identify a person as human and not AI. We don’t know what happens to you if you fail the test. In any event, the hearings in the US Congress on UAPs just made it much more interesting. What do we do with those who fail the test? Are they now either an AI or an alien or what? And is it legal not to pass? Just asking for those who are interested and might not pass.

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