Company Overview

eBooleant and its founder Dr. Philip Fischer have decades of experience in providing thought leadership and strategy through a wide variety of market cycles.
Company Overview

About eBooleant

eBooleant Consulting LLC engages in business development and financial consulting.

  • We support clients in their business development efforts.
  • We help clients create forward-thinking strategies in the complex world of new financial technologies including AI & Risk.
  • We offer expert witness, training, and teaching as well as serving in special advisory roles.
  • Group IQ versus Group Think seminars, in-house meetings, or calls are available with Dr. Fischer.


New York, NY

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We imagine a world where businesses are developing rapidly, assisted by new technologies and financial strategies. Micro Macro Infinity®.


Dr. Philip J. Fischer

Business Development

Linda Purpura

Analytic thinking

Analytic thinking has been the driving force in my professional life. These days I have applied my analytic thinking to serving as an advisor to AI startup IndicatorLab as well as providing business development for Faberwork, which offers AI/Python specialists available for staff augmentation.

Working with these firms as AI evolves has allowed me to continue contributing to the data revolution and the development of new financial tools for our times. For example, working with my company eBooleant, IndicatorLab has developed an AI-enabled retirement planning product that improves the results of a Montecarlo simulation and the 4% rule.

My background as a former academic teaching finance at SUNY and working for Wall Street firms, most recently as Head of Fixed Income Strategy, provides the tools needed for projects like this. During my tenure on Wall Street, I produced over 1,000 reports on economic research and analysis, oversaw analysts, lawyers, and programmers, and served as a trusted advisor at Bank of America / Merrill Lynch with HNW and UHNW clients.


Business Advisor to AI startup for hedge funds.

Three-decade finance career at Bank of America / Merrill Lynch

Author of INVESTING IN MUNICIPAL BONDS: How to Balance Risk and Reward for Success in Today's Bond Market,” McGraw-Hill, 2013

Recognized Subject-Matter-Expert in Capital Markets

Expert Testimony - House Ways & Means Committee Hearing: Paving the Way for Funding and Financing Infrastructure Investments, January 29, 2020

Watch the hearing on YouTube.

Science Fiction Author: I wrote two books, Julia and the Dream Maker and Green Eyes in the Amazon, published and distributed nationally in 2003 and 2009, which ponder the future of quantum computing and AI in humanity's complex world. The books were prescient and forecasted today's dilemmas.

It’s now two decades since I wrote Julia and The Dream Maker which envisioned an AI generated persona that creates a baby from a woman in this world. Its sequel, Green Eyes in the Amazon has two AI programs dueling in quantum computers as the child runs for safety.

I have had many professional achievements, but these literary interpretations were truly ahead of their time and my greatest literary achievements. I discussed this at the Library of Congress. My talk “Science and the Literary Imagination” now might be “Literature and the Scientific Imagination” as we reverse engineer ideas of the infinite into today’s technology.

I am perusing this idea to capture essential ideas of the universe. I am a PhD, JD teamed with an AI startup exploring the applications of generative AI. My history with AI both imaginatively and now in practice is long and robust. I continue striving for this nexus of the possible and the practical in roles at new AI ventures.


I started professionally as a chemical engineer immersed in the energy business. It was a heavy dose of math and reality. The reality part was expanded with a JD and the math aspect with a Ph.D. in finance.

After a stint in university teaching at the University at Albany - SUNY, I worked in futures and options research on Wall Street. Then I dove into the complex world of muni bonds, which mixed my passions. I was previously the head of Global Fixed Income Research at Bank of America Securities and a member of its Research Investment Council. I was also the head of Municipal Bond Research and the Global Index System at Bank of America Securities. I have been published widely both as an academic and Wall Street professional and have been recognized as an All-Star analyst by the Institutional Investor and Smith’s surveys.

Through eBooleant Consulting, I help firms monetize AI and Fintech solutions as well as provide financial policy and macroeconomic thought leadership. Posts on eBooleant's website and those for the Forbes Finance Council in 2022 reflect the policy and economic trends in the country and suggest alternatives.

Email for consulting or advisory roles in AI, Fintech, and Risk Management.

Select Awards

  • Smith’s Research and Institutional Investor Magazine as an All-Star analyst for 10 years
  • Lifetime Achievement Award in Smith’s All-Star Hall of Fame
  • The Municipal Bond Buyers Conference Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Service


Fischer, Philip, Galdi, Philip, Shen, David, Sullivan, Michael, inventors; Merrill Lynch, Co., Inc., assignee. 2010 Mar. 30. Methods for Asset Index Pricing. United States patent US 7,689,493 B1.


Masters & PhD in Finance

Juris Doctor



  • Python for Managers (Online), Columbia Business School Executive Education/Emeritus, July - August 2020
  • Python for Data Science Bootcamp, Noble Desktop, June 2020
  • Learn Python, One Month, July 2020

Major Milestones

  • The presentation can be viewed on YouTube.
  • 2022: eBooleant founder is asked to serve as a mentor to startups at NextGen Summit, New York.
  • 2023: eBooleant enters into a collaboration in finance & AI with IndicatorLab.

eBooleant Consulting is a Fintech, AI, and Risk Management Consulting for forward-thinking financial firms. We facilitate the application of AI and ML to enhance returns and reduce risk.

Posts on the eBooleant website focus on investment implications for news and new ideas.

Instagram Quips from Dr. Fischer are for intellectually curious investors.