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IndicatorLab takes 1st Prize in AI+Web3 Competition

eBooleant Collaborative Partner, IndicatorLab, wins 1st Prize in AI+Web3 Competition with a decentralized data market and no-code risk model for investors
IndicatorLab takes 1st Prize in AI+Web3 Competition

AI+Web3 is rapidly advancing in securities markets, particularly in alternative assets, ushering in a new era of trading where speed is increased, and costs are decreased by a factor of 10. We should expect substantial changes to our traditional markets as a result. For all market participants, the rate of change can be expected to be dramatic.

One example comes from the first prize winner of the recent AI+Web3 Pitch Competition from OnePiece Labs, a leading Web3 incubator, and SEI, the first sector-specific L1 blockchain, specialized for asset trading. Our collaborative partner, IndicatorLab, took first place (with Dr. Jason, Dr. Yun, Jeanne Huai, and Rocken Wu). IndicatorLab is an AI-driven, no-code financial information aggregator specializing in investment strategy creation and risk analysis.

Dr. Rein Wu, Founder, IndicatorLab

We asked Dr. Wu to share some thoughts on the win and how this will benefit investors:

eBooleant: Thanks for joining us, Dr. Wu. Can you tell us about your innovation?

Dr. Wu: Sure, we aim to help people better manage risk in trading securities. Our project describes a novel decentralized data market (known as an “oracle” in the crypto field) that is constructed on the blockchain and curated by AI. Alternative data (AD) is critical for investors. Now, unfortunately, the AD market lacks controls, making the data unreliable.

We developed a new oracle and a no-code risk model for investors. An AI agent manages this process. This is possible because AI smartly aggregates quality data streams. Boosted by SEI’s trading-optimized speed, our AI oracle will revolutionize the supply and demand of AD in both decentralized finance (DeFi) and traditional finance (TradFi). (For more on the SEI network see An Ultimate Guide to Sei Network | CoinGecko).

eBooleant: What did you deem to be the most important feature of it for financial markets?

Dr. Wu: We closed the loop between the data consumer and the data supplier using AI so that more alternative data can be made available and aggregated based on the user’s needs. Specifically, AI aggregates data based on an investor’s request, paying the data supplier varying amounts to improve the data.

eBooleant: How can this help investors?

Dr. Wu: Securities analysis will be available for investors at ten times the speed and at one-tenth the cost.

eBooleant: Thanks, Dr. Wu. The industry needs AI and web-based innovations to improve efficiency. And for those who are interested to have a conversation about the direction of AI and web-based innovation in financial markets, they can reach out to us at eBooleant at info@ebooleant.com.

Dr. Wu: Yes, and we at IndicatorLab are also available at reinwu@indicatorlab.xyz. Thanks, Dr. Fischer, for the opportunity to share more with the community on this topic.