eBooleant founder Dr. Philip Fischer, former Wall Street Strategist - helping investors see the big issues in fintech, risk management and AI

eBooleant founder Dr. Fischer started professionally as a chemical engineer immersed in the energy business. It was a heavy dose of math and reality. The reality part was expanded with a JD and the math aspect with a PhD in finance.

After a stint in university teaching at the University at Albany - SUNY, he worked in futures and options research on Wall Street and then dove into the complex world of muni bonds, which mixed both of his passions. He was previously the head of Global Fixed Income Research at Bank of America Securities and a member of its Research Investment Council. He was also the head of Municipal Bond Research and the Global Index System at Bank of America Securities. He has published widely both as an academic and Wall Street professional and has been recognized as an All-Star analyst by the Institutional Investor and Smith’s surveys.

Dr. Fischer is currently focused on finance and mathematical modeling particularly artificial intelligence. He has done this through collaboration with IndicatorLab, an AI and Risk startup. He is also working in business development for Faberwork, which provides staff augmentation in AI, ML, and Python, among other technologies.

Infrastructure remains a long-term interest of Dr. Fischer. See his testimony before Congress on financing alternatives for a national infrastructure program. The full program can be seen on YouTube.

Dr. Fischer is the author of INVESTING IN MUNICIPAL BONDS−How to Balance Risk and Reward for Success in Today’s Bond Market” (McGraw-Hill, February 2013). It is a popular book with bond professionals. Dr. Fischer had the opportunity to use the book for a course on municipal bonds at a major investment bank.

Select Awards

  • Smith’s Research and Institutional Investor Magazine as an All-Star analyst for 10 years
  • Lifetime Achievement Award in Smith’s All-Star Hall of Fame
  • The Municipal Bond Buyers Conference Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Service


Fischer, Philip, Galdi, Philip, Shen, David, Sullivan, Michael, inventors; Merrill Lynch, Co., Inc., assignee. 2010 Mar. 30. Methods for Asset Index Pricing. United States patent US 7,689,493 B1.


Masters; PhD in Finance

Juris Doctor



  • Python for Managers (Online), Columbia Business School Executive Education/Emeritus, July - August 2020
  • Python for Data Science Bootcamp, Noble Desktop, June 2020
  • Learn Python, One Month, July 2020